Sunday, February 13, 2011


Habit building is so annoyingly difficult. Especially when said habit building is also involving breaking some opposite habit. Yet I persevere. Here are some habits I intend to build:

1. Daily Blogging.
2. Waking at the same time daily.
3. Drinking H2O.
4. Daily Study.

I’m not really sure why I find all of this so difficult, but I do. It is merely a matter of Will.

This is the blog I have chosen to maintain, but I may end up resurrecting all of them. My other personal blog is something of a catch-all blog that is less self-discovery and more self-expression. I may retool my t-shirt blog into a “things I like” blog. However, one step at a time.

Part of the inspiration for reattempting to blog here is that many people in my immediate and extended social circles have begun blogging. I think it’s a sign for me to get back into blogging.

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