Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunday is...

Sunday is my favorite day. A day of rest and sleep surrounded by days of action and energy. My Sundays are often spent sleeping late then curling up with a book or cracking out on computer games. Sometimes I find some energy to do a few things around the house, but there are no obligations on my Sundays so I feel no guilt if I do nothing productive.

Sundays are habit-breakers. Nothing like getting up at 8am Monday through Saturday to have the whole system thrown off because I get up at 2pm on Sunday. All of my good habit-building behavior usually takes a break on Sunday, which sometimes can be enough break to undo the work I have done toward that habit throughout the entire week. The obvious answer to this is to simply continue acting toward the habits on Sunday too. However this conflicts with my desire to have an obligation free Sunday. Sunday can be a dilemma day.

Sunday is Funday! A regular ritual for me on Sundays is often to go visit my mom after she gets home from church. Usually I kidnap her and take her around town for adventurous shopping and dining, but sometimes we’ll stay in. This time is important to me because it gives me a chance to talk about anything with no concern of the consequences of my words. There is no one in the world with whom I feel more comfortable. My mom is my confidant. She always has a ready ear for any meaningless whatevers I need to go on about on any given day. I always enjoy a Sunday Funday.

Sunday is not religious to me. Many people go to church on Sundays because the bible says to. I can appreciate creating religious habits and rituals in ones life, but I do not agree with obligatory worship on a specific day because everyone else does or because God says so. If I feel inspired to attend church, I will, but it is not something I typically associate with my Sundays. See the whole no-obligation Sunday idea above.

Sunday is my favorite day. Sunday can be dilemma day. Sunday is Funday.

Sunday is ME day!

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  1. Honored by your words here, and always down for a "Sunday Funday with Mom and Beez!" Looking forward to the next one, whichever Sunday it is. Heart you!